Beauty 101 : CONCEALERS

As I think about my first few times I dabbled into makeup, it started with something awful and embarrassing like grabbing a black eyeliner and laying it on THICK on my waterline- thinking somehow that made me look prettier. 

Recent Faves

While everyone else is feeling this crisp-pumpkin-spice-chill in the air and seeing the leaves change, here in San Francisco it's our SUMMER.  So I'm in melt-proof makeup mode / HOT AF WEATHER work appropes clothing (and for me THAT is tricky on its own!) and everyone else is in chunky/cozy sweaters and leather boots. Can you smell my jealousy yet?

KKW x KYLIE Collection : Worth the Hype?

Yesssss I know - it's been almost A MONTH! I suck.
In all fairness, I just went back to work.. and MANNN - I knew it would be hard but HOLY COW, I was NOT prepared.. not prepared emotionally nor physically.  (I collapse to sleep by 10PM! WHO AM I?!)

Get Ready With Me + MARCH First Impressions

Ladies & Gents.. GET READY. This is a loaded post.  We gotttt not one, not two, but THREE new products I'll be reviewing!  All based on a first impression and ALL folded into my very first GET READY WITH ME.. It's gonna be party.

Ready? Let's get started.

Valentine's Day BEAUTY Gift Guide

SOOO - Valentine's Day is around the corner.. Below is your road map to the ever so scary SEPHORA...

If you don't know what you need, SEPHORA can be a very overwhelming place.  A place where retail associates will eat newbies for breakfast. 

BOXYCHARM | January 2017

[cue Marilyn Monro voice] Well hellooooo there, new series!

If you haven’t heard of BOXYCHARM, it’s a monthly subscription service that delivers 4-5 full-sized make-up products right to your door for the insanely low cost $21 per month.